After a half year in the position, Peter Harrison is settling into his new role as Southport's Director of Operations. He shares what it's been like.

"It's been great," says Harrison. "It's been a busy time with learning the new job and also doing all the planning that we had to do for the Air Show itself. But it has been a good six months."

Prior to becoming the Director of Operations, Harrison was a member of the Air Force and also worked for a flight operations software company. He says one of the things that has stuck out for him in his new role is the diversity of the job.

"I have the three managers who report to me; Recreation, Facilities and Properties. I'm doing something different every single day. So, one second I could be dealing with facilities projects and then the next I could be dealing with something related to the recreation complex. The next hour I could be doing something to do with properties management. As well as the airport operations themselves," says Harrison, noting it keeps him busy.

He adds Southport is a great organization to work for.