The PCI Saints were hosts of the Provincial Fastpitch Championship this weekend. The event saw 12 teams converge on Republic Park for a shot at the provincial title.

The Saints had nine players graduating this season, including Shortstop Abby Reichert, who shared her thoughts on the tournament.

"It's a really fun vibe, there's a lot of different teams here, a lot of good energy. It's just a fun environment."

Stephanie Rosset plays Catcher and Third Base and says the experience has been fun.

"It's great. The energy's really good, there's a lot of really good teams here. Lots of competition, and it's fun to compete."

Right Fielder and Third Baseman, Alexis Waldner 

"A lot of good energy from all the teams, a lot of positivity, especially on our team. It's nice to be with a team that's so positive especially in this environment."

The three teammates all shared the same sentiment when asked about their favourite part of the season.

Reichert: "We just have a lot of fun on and off the diamond, and especially as a Grade 12 this year, it means all the more being able to spend one last season with my friends."

Rosset: "I think the energy's been really high, everyone's positive and supporting each other. There's a lot of laughs."

Waldner: "Definitely, throughout the season, just being with the team, there's a lot of good connections, and that makes it a lot more fun."