Members of the Portage Community Revitalization Corporation attended the local Rotary Club meeting on August 2nd and they were ecstatic about the possibility of growing their organization.

Among the attending members was executive director Mari Lawrence who says it’s a good time to be a member of the PCRC, as they’ve tripled in staff compared to when she initially joined. One other thing that she was excited to talk about was returning to in-person events, including their most recent one, Touch-a-Truck.

“That was one of our first post COVID, so since 2019 and we had a huge turn out for the event,” explains Lawrence. “We had the City of Portage operations bring vehicles and the Fire Department and Portage RCMP, along with private companies and everyone was very happy.”

She adds all the money that they raise from events like Touch-a-Truck, it not only helps the PCRC but, more importantly, the people that rely on the PCRC. She goes into detail on the organization’s most noticeable fundraiser, which can leave an unsuspecting person the owner of quite a few plastic flamingos.

“It's always amazing when we can get support from the community,” mentions Lawrence. “We're running our Flocking Friday fundraiser right now for the reaching home program, and they've had lots of people reach out wanting to flock their neighbor or their friends or family and that program really benefits from that funding.”

If you’re interested in flocking a neighbor or want to find other ways to support the PCRC, which has multiple branches regarding keeping people safe and housed, click here.