With Together for Change Week in full swing, the Portage Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC) hopes the new name has inspired Portagers to get involved.

Executive director Mari Kozar says the week has been excellent so far, mentioning an art showcase with Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment, as well as selling out their Global Grub Hub Night Meal, which will take place on June 9th. She notes they changed the name from Anti-Racism Week.

"We wanted to change the name to be a bit more inclusive, a bit more positive," explains Kozar. "The week's about bringing people together and we wanted the name to reflect that."

Community engagement coordinator Lorna Knight says giving the name a positive spin was important. She's glad to have a new, all-encompassing name for the week which reflects what the community has been working toward throughout all of the events put on.

"On my part, whenever I've been talking to people, they've been really excited, especially a lot of our families that are multicultural within their main community," says Knight. "They're really positive about the things that are happening. They really feel like it's bringing a lot of awareness to different cultures that we do have here within the community and highlighting those cultures as well, which has been really nice."

Together for Change Week will wrap up on Saturday, June 10th, with a march from the National Indigenous Residential School Museum to Island Park.