Members of the community are working hard to keep the local Indigenous languages alive.

The Portage Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC) has started showcasing words in Indigenous languages on Mix 96 through a new project called the "Word of the Day". Indigenous Senior Resource Coordinator Aaron Pierre says you’ll hear words in both Ojibwe and Dakota.

“The PCRC did a smaller pilot project of this last year with the late Renata Beaulieu,” explains Pierre. “Now, there are some more indigenous language speakers in the office, so we're trying to restart it.”

He adds, the Canadian government has given them the funding needed to bring the project back. Pierre explains that, while he’s unsure of how long this program will run for, he’s grateful to have the opportunity to bring it back in any capacity.

“A lot of our motivation is coming from the 94 calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” notes Pierre. “And, supporting language is a part of that. That’s the backbone of where we’re coming from.”

The senior resource coordinator says it’s vital for people to know their language, regardless of their heritage.

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