A local organization is looking to assist youth in the community who want to obtain their driver's license but have been pushed to the side.

The Portage Learning & Literacy Centre (PLLC) is currently offering five free 50-minute driving lessons for youth aged 15-30 in the community.

Mia Pelletier, an administrative assistant at the PLLC and creator of this program, explains that it's designed to help those who have been left in the dark in the process of getting their license.

"I just graduated from high school not too long ago, and I've noticed a lot of people around my age don't have the opportunity to get driver's lessons. If your family can't teach you, there are so many different barriers to getting lessons and feeling comfortable going for your road test. I partnered with CBYF (Communities Building Youth Futures), and they were able to fund this program."

She notes that there has been a great demand for these free lessons, and all the spots are currently filled.

"I'm currently looking for more grants to do this again, so I'm looking to get another ten spots. It's very popular, and it was really unfortunate not being able to accept everybody, and that just makes me want to run it again. It makes me want to work harder to get more grants."

Pelletier praised the work of 'Marvin,' who is the driving instructor associated with the program, stating that while he has his own set schedule, he is very willing to work around other people's time frames.

"All of my participants who have gone driving with him so far tend to be a bit anxious getting in that vehicle, but as soon as they are with him, they just calm right down."

Pelletier adds that she is still taking applications for future participants of this program, one she hopes to continue.

"Anybody who wants to apply can still come to me getting their applications, and I have a waitlist because I am looking to run this again. I want to help as many people."