City Council is wanting to keep Portage yards looking good, but this year, the team in charge of keeping it in check has seen a lot more areas that need cleaning than normal.

Kyle Adamski, the owner of Sirius Protection, who currently owns the bylaw and animal control contract for the city, says over the second quarter of 2022, they've seen roughly 230 properties with grass issues. That's not even the worst issue, as he explains they've also seen over 50 properties with garbage piled around them, leaving it less than desirable to look at.

"Whether it's the weather with a lot of rain and crazy windstorms this year, so branches are falling," notes Adamski, "I understand that, but we have seen a very substantial increase, an almost 100 per cent increase in properties we're dealing with."

He adds, that the best way to keep the city looking clean is to stay on top of your properties, as the city looks beautiful when everyone does their part. If you see an area of the city that looks relatively unkempt, Adamski says you can give them a call to let them know about it at 204-239-8326.

"We understand everybody's situation is different but it keeps Portage's beautiful short grass clean," notes Adamski. "It also keeps mosquitoes down, weeds, and types of vermin."

Adamski hopes that everyone's able to enjoy the rest of summer while keeping the city as clean as can be.