Congratulations to this years graduates and good luck in the future! Click on any of the photos below to enlarge them.

Not pictured:

Asham, Myles
Bergeron, Jesse
Brown, Alexander
Durand, Dylan
Gordon, Montana
Grant, Shane
Haight, Brady
Hall, Franklin
Hanson, Andre
Holmes, Mariah
Hourie, Oren
Longclaws, Codents
Longmuir, Dakota
Minty-Dodd, Alandra
Murray, Jordan
Nunn, Isiah
Oke, JJ
Prince, Tyler
Roulette, Alyssa
Roulette, Marlene
Roulette, Violet
Ruchkall, Jordan
Sarker, Aparajita
Smoke, Anthony
Tacan-Hobson, Ariel
Victor, Jimmy
Walker, Sera
Wallace, Andrea
White, Xanthe
Williams, Lisa
Wooley, Alex