Get your sunscreen ready because after two years without it, the Portage Ex is finally back!

President Paul Trimble and Entertainment Chair Ray Askin spoke with Portage Online and Trimble says after being forced away for the past couple of years, they can't wait to get back at it. He mentions it's amazing to come back this year, as it's been 150 years since the first Portage Ex.

Despite this being the first year back, they want to have another full year before celebrating the return, for the most part, to pre-COVID life.

"We're hoping to do a little bit more celebration next year just with the shortened timeline because of the COVID hanging over well into this the new year here," explains Trimble. "We just didn't have time to organize as much as we could or even make contacts with people because everybody was kind of in the same boat."

They add, that while they're excited about next year, the focus needs to be on this year's fair, and Askin says it won't disappoint. Select Shows Midway will be back providing the rides, which will be available every day throughout the Ex.

There will also be live performances and on July 10th, they'll be holding their kid's day, which will include a bubble lab and magic shows.

"Hopefully that weekend will be one of our first weekends where we don't have rain, "notes Trimble. "It's been kind of interesting the last couple of months."

The Portage Ex will run from July 8-10. To learn more about the Portage Ex and to sign up for any of the events, click here.