Portage la Prairie-Opoly has arrived!  That's right, there is now a board game adapted to Portage la Prairie from the world-famous Monopoly, with some of our streets, businesses and other features including Crescent Lake.  The game is not actually in Portage yet, but is on its way. However, we've made the cut!

Public relations coordinator for Outset Media Jared Clarkson says they've been making games themed after Canadian communities for the last three years.

"It's a partnership with ourselves and Walmart Canada," says Clarkson. "Walmart Canada actually approached us because there's a company called Late for the Sky that has been making these games in the United States for cities, towns, universities, colleges -- everything you can you can think of, they do custom 'Opoly' games like this. The program had been so successful in the United States that Walmart Canada decided this was something that they wanted to do for cities and towns in Canada, as well. We're the Canadian distributor for Late for the Sky. So, they came to us and wanted to work with us to make these games."

He says the company has made about 200 of the games themed after Canadian locations so far.

"We started with all the major ones like Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton -- all the big cities -- Montreal as well," adds Clarkson. "Slowly, we've been making our way through the rest of the country."


Clarkson explains the Portage la Prairie version is one of the last slated for this year's production, and they will recommence with plans for new versions at the start of next year.

"When we make any of these games, we try and provide a really good mix for people, so you're not getting too many businesses, schools or too many of one thing," continues Clarkson. "There's something for everyone. But you're going to see Crescent Lake on here, Island Park, and Riverbend Orchards. We like to do it as a way to celebrate local communities and, specifically, things in those communities that people love."

He notes they're hoping that if someone wants to pick up this game at their local Walmart, they'd be able to look at it and say that it's a fair representation of the community and a great way to celebrate Portage. 

Clarkson says the games sell between $28 and $32, depending on the market in each community. 

"That's something that Walmart sets up themselves," notes Clarkson. "They shipped about a week and a half ago from Ontario and typically it takes about five to seven days, so I would expect they're there, and if they're not currently on shelves, then it's during a transition between distribution centres and stores."

He adds they're available exclusively at Walmart and will be online at walmart.ca at some point.