Tuesday night's Portage la Prairie School Division board meeting went over a variety of topics, including:    

  • Teacher contracts either being extended or terminated.  
  • A reminder that School Board Trustee Elections are taking place on October 26 of this year. 
  • The PCI International Trip to Spain & Portugal, to offer students a growth mindset, global perspective, and personal development during the Spring Break 2024, was passed. 
  • The regular COVID-19 update from Superintendent Todd Cuddington. He noted that supplies such as masks and testing kits are still available to those wanting them in the update. 
  • And last but not least, Kim Houle, a grade 6 teacher from North Memorial School (NMS), received a lot of praise and an "Excellence Award" for her hard work throughout the pandemic.  

Principal of NMS Val Smith spoke about the work of her colleague Kim Houle. 

"A principal's greatest wish is always to hire good teachers, and your greatest dream is to hire effective teachers. The reality of this is that if you're lucky enough to hire a superstar in your career, you've done better than most. And I feel like Kim is that superstar." 

Smith commended Houle for being a giver who doesn't seek recognition. 

"She truly does it to make the place better for her colleagues," notes Principal Smith. "Everybody in our building knows if you need help, Kim will be there for you. You need her to stay late, she'll be there for you, and the kids know it." 


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