The Portage Regional Library's program coordinator Leah O'Leary says many exciting events are coming up include a celebration of one of their milestones.

"On the 7th of June, we have our 20-year event," explains O'Leary. "It's honouring 20 years as a regional library and that's from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30. We're having just a little get-together with people around the community and it's open to all patrons as well. and everybody's welcome."

O'Leary says the library was solely a city organization at the start. 

"We only served Portage La Prairie, the City. Then 20 years ago, we became funded by the city and the RM; the whole region. Everybody will get a free library card and can use our services for free, and outside the RM, you had to pay for the card. But now that we're all in one, it's easier for people to come in and use the services of the library."

Assistant Program Coordinator McKayla Goddard adds the regional aspect allowed them to more robustly offer their services.

"We have more funding from both parties. We also have more patrons who are eligible, so that was great. Since then, all our patron numbers have grown, our circulation numbers have grown, and the library itself has continued to grow. We also are pretty much the only Library branch. I think there are a few small branches around our area, but not any in the regional municipality. It meant that people either had to pay for a membership or they had to go to Winnipeg, and it just wasn't serving the community that we needed to."

Goddard adds, once it was accepted by the regional municipality, the city, and the library board, it all switched over to the regional category.