Portage MCC may be the one having its 40th anniversary, but they want you to be the one celebrating.

General Manager Kevin Hamm says the volunteers and staff at Portage MCC and MCC Furniture Plus have been excited about this opportunity for a while.

"We are going to be doing a lot of different things over the course of the year," explains Hamm. "We started the year by launching a customer rewards program. We launched that as part of our theme for the month to focus on customers and do some special things with them."

Hamm adds they'll be holding special events on the fourth Friday of each month this year, with the biggest celebration to be held in November. He notes February's special event was focused on the quilters and the wonderful work they do.

"For many, many years, our volunteers have been involved in quilting and, years ago, we had started a quilt shop at the other side of the street when we had an operation over there," mentions Hamm. "Since then, the ladies have volunteered to prepare quilts for distribution around the world."

quilt draw.Winner of quilt draw Alea Cueto (left) pictured with the quilt and employee, Jaylin Wiebe (right)

He says some of their quilts have been sent to Syria, Haiti, and Jordan. The group of quilters operates out of MCC Furniture Plus. Portage MCC recently held a quilt draw, with the winner being Alea Cueto.

Portage MCC's first store officially opened on November 1, 1983, and has been selling donated books, clothing, furniture, and more throughout that time.

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