A Portage resident and PCI teacher has taken it upon herself to help raise funds for those in need in Ukraine during the current war with Russia.

Andrea Kalinowich is making T-shirts and selling them for the effort.

Andrea Kalinowich"We partnered with a local business, and we're selling 'I Stand With Ukraine' T-shirts," says Kalinowich. "We're raising money to support Ukraine, and we're quite ecstatic or overwhelmed with the result. The design is a basic black T-shirt with 'I Stand with Ukraine' on the front. We've got the colours of the Ukrainian flag, so 'I Stand With' is in blue and 'Ukraine' is in yellow."

She notes they just hit close to 200 and have got the rest of the day for orders yet.

"That'll give us upwards of $2700 to $3000 that we will be able to donate to Ukraine. We just started on Wednesday. We're going to be donating the money to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. It was established by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canada Ukraine Foundation. If anyone is interested in ordering, they can go to my Facebook page and look up Andrea Kalinowich, and the information and details are right there."

Check out her Facebook page here for ordering information: