The Portage Rotary Club has wrapped up their third phase of the Duck Pond rejuvenation project.

The club met at the Duck Pond in Island Park on September 27th to share a meal and admire the work already done before phase four begins. Preston Meier, the public relations director, says they’ve been planning this project since 2019 and were finally able to start working on it in 2020.

“When the club first envisioned it, it was supposed to be just a quiet place where people would want to come and have a conversation,” explains Meier. “You could have weddings or graduation pictures here and you know what? That’s exactly what it’s become.”

He adds there have been at least five weddings that have taken place at the  Duck Pond since the rejuvenation project began. He notes that while stage three of the project involved completing the deck and pergola, stage four will consist of adding a game area and some lighting so people can enjoy the pond at night.

The club also thanked RONA, who donated a substantial amount of money for the project. Wayne Klippenstein, CEO of RONA and former Rotary Club member, says it wasn’t too tough of a decision to donate.

“One of the reasons that I felt very comfortable moving ahead with the project is because I know the quality of the club,” says Kilppenstein. “I know the people that are involved and they get things done.”

The Rotary Club will look to begin phase four in the spring.