The Portage Rotary Club has wrapped up this year’s edition of their annual veggie sale, and members couldn’t be happier about the results.

President Jennifer Campbell Dornan says after the final numbers came in, they were just under $33,000 in sales. She says it’s a wonderful accomplishment and can’t wait to put the money to good use.

“(The money) goes to a lot of different places,” explains Campbell Dornan. “Sometimes it’s earmarked for specific projects. Often, it gets tucked away into an account so that we can take requests from the community and help out with that.”

She adds that seeing the community support the veggie sale is always heartwarming, as it shows that their efforts throughout the year don’t go unnoticed. The president notes this is the first veggie sale since 2019 where there were no COVID-19 restrictions.

“I'm sure people notice that the veggie sale was run a little bit differently than other years,” says Campbell Dornan. “But, we were able to overcome those challenges and COVID didn't stop us, it just made us learn how to do things in a unique way.”

She concludes by thanking the Portage community. She says, while they can never be sure how something like this is going to go, Portagers ensure that it’s successful every time.