The Portage la Prairie Rotary Club has welcomed three fresh faces to the group, with their first meeting as official members taking place on May 30.

Peter Musters, an RCAF pilot, says he joined the club in order to get an extra sense of community. He also has family ties which have allowed him to see firsthand the type of work the club can do for the community.

"For me, it's all the pitching with projects around town pitching in where people need a hand," notes Musters. "It's really the community work that I like."

Musters mentions he's volunteered a little bit of his time to help with the Duck Pond project, but besides that, he says he's pretty new to the club in general.

Tosha Hotel, who works with Paws & Go Animal Supplies, is also excited to get to work on the rejuvenation project, as it's what many members would consider the marquee project right now. She says the ability to build relationships through Rotary was a huge part of why she signed up.

"It's a great place to build relationships with different people that run different companies," explains Hotel. "It's amazing to see what goes on in the community that you had no idea."

She notes she had spent some time volunteering with the Rotary Club in the past but had to take a step back briefly after becoming pregnant.

Joshua Meier, who currently works with Rogers, Is the third new member of the club. He mentions he's been working alongside the Rotary Club for quite some time, so he decided to pick up the pin and become a member. He also has family ties to the club, which made it an easy decision to join.

"I'm eager to start working and participating in some of these different projects in a more kind of a full-time sense rather than an off and on," says Meier. "I've lived in Portage all my life and I want to see the city continue to grow and expand."

They're all very excited to get to work and help the Rotary Club continue to provide upgrades and services to the community.