Portage la Prairie Pride was thrilled to be back a week ago when they held their festivities.

The day started with a march throughout town, a get together at a local church, and finishing a social with a drag show!

William Garioch, lead coordinator of Pride Portage says that they cannot be more thankful for the approximately 350 people that showed up to support.

"Portage has always been really good since we started, for the support. It's nice to see the pride flag raised at City Hall. Everybody comes together on such a beautiful day and stand in solidarity for love and acceptance for everybody."

Garioch notes that the Pride Commitee has many other things in the works.

Chase Fedak, a local Portager who attended said the festivities were a blast, especially since this was his first pride!

"It was just a magical day to do everything," he continues.  "Everyone was so happy and, my smile, my face actually hurt by the end of it, because of how much I was smiling."

Fedak notes that he loved his time at the event and cannot wait to experience one again.

"When we started the walk and there was music playing,  it was just immediately a relief. I wasn't nervous for the people there, but it was like a blanket was thrown over me of comfort because everyone was so welcoming."

Pamala Lotun, board chair for the Trinity United Church leadership team, mentions that her church invited everyone to cool off after the parade with some beverages, handing out educational materials, and even a craft.

Lotun says that she felt a warm fuzzy feeling in her stomach seeing everyone come and support.

"Church can often be a scary thing for people, and we really want to make sure that Trinity is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place," she continues. "Jesus loved everyone and so do we. So, we celebrate people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, races, ethnicities, ages, economic circumstances and family. So, whoever you are and whatever your life story is, just know that we welcome you to be a part of our faith community in whatever way suits you."

The night closed out with a social with a drag show, even local talent Cheron Sharélike  was performing.

To learn more about Pride Portage and for updates on their events click here.