The community has once again come together to support Special Olympics Canada. Tim Hortons across Canada were selling limited-time donuts, where 100 per-cent of the proceeds went towards the Special Olympics. 

Stephanie Arnott, General Manager of Tim Hortons Portage la Prairie, says they raised $1054. 

"We had a successful Special Olympic Donuts campaign this weekend. We sold 527 Donuts between the two stores. Our goal was to sell 60 a day at each location, and we topped that."

She also mentions that the Tim Hortons staff is thankful for all of the support that they received. 

"That was surprising and encouraging that the people of Portage wanted to buy those donuts to help such a great cause."

Arnott says a lot of work went into preparing for the influx of customers this past weekend. 

"Everybody has to work a little harder to make sure that these Donuts are ready because they are added to our regular menu. So, it's added work for our bakers and our team. But they always have a positive attitude and love supporting stuff like this."

The manager notes that this is a yearly fundraiser and that she cannot wait to help again next year. 

"It gives us such a great opportunity to give back not only to the Special Olympics but also to our community. So yes, I am very excited for the years to come."