The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are hoping to win their third straight Grey Cup today and local fans are excited to possibly see some history. The Bombers have never won three titles in a row and it's only been accomplished a few times in the more than one hundred years the league has been around. Standing in their way? The Toronto Argonauts.

Kick-off is shortly after 5 p.m. and with the game taking place in Regina, many Portage fans have made the trek to see the game live. The game originally sold out but tickets have been available this week on numerous websites as many Saskatchewan fans who bought the tickets decided to sell them after their team missed the playoffs. Hundreds of Blue Bombers fans were happy to snap them up.

Fort La Reine school teacher Tanya Cote will be attending her first-ever Grey Cup match with the Bombers in it. Cote is obviously very excited.

"I'm very happy. My friend called me and had an extra ticket. When she asked if I'd go I answered heck ya. I want to see the Bombers win a third Grey Cup in a row. I think it's going to be a close game but I believe they'll pull it out. I've always wanted to see a game like this and hopefully, there are plenty of Winnipeg fans there"

New city councilour Colin Doyle is also in Regina with some of his friends.

"I am so pumped. I want to see some Blue Bomber history. I've been to a Grey Cup before but the Bombers weren't in the game. It will be interesting to see how the Saskatchewan fans will welcome us. I think it will be 35-28 Winnipeg"

Clint Cairns is a season ticket holder but says he will watch the game at home with many of his friends.

"I had the opportunity to go but watching indoors with friends and family is very appealing. I hope to have a full house for this epic event. Every table will be full of snacks and drinks and everything you can imagine. I think it may be close but with our dominant defense, I think we have the advantage. It's been a good few years to be a fan"

Clint Cairns at Bomber gameCairns tries to get to as many games as he can with friends and family

Several restaurants and lounges in the community will also show the game and the Royal Canadian Legion has also planned an event for fans who want to share the experience with others. click here for details

legion poster