Youth For Christ-Youth Unlimited received donations this summer that replaced all of the stolen items lost in the spring. They experienced the loss of two generators, ten bikes, and a Stihl backpack leaf-blower.

Executive Director Art Schroeder says the public stepped up and graciously restored most everything they lost.

"We had some really good response," notes Schroeder. "We had some people who just donated bikes to us. We had our generators replaced by people saying, 'Hey, we want to donate.' It was just a really great response from the community."

PortageOnline first reported the story in May. 

"We were in the middle of construction with our building and then, all of a sudden, we went in one day and realized, 'Oh, oh. We've been broken into and we've lost a lot of stuff.' There are a few things we still don't have -- the leaf blower that we had before. Other than that, most stuff has been replaced."

He notes it was restored within about two months. 

"I think we figured we had around $5,000 worth of bikes and stuff stolen," adds Schroeder. "Some of the things restored were used bikes. We didn't get the new stuff back, but I mean we definitely got the stuff back that we needed to run the programs that we run."