Manitoba's potato crop is still about a week to ten days behind schedule.

That according to Manitoba Agriculture Industry Development Specialist Vikram Bisht.

"At the moment, the potato crop looks very good everywhere. The tuberization, or the number of tubers per plant, appears to be very good actually. Many growers are very pleased with that. The sizing is also going very well. We have to cross our fingers that our harvesting is in good condition and we will have a very good crop," he said. "There's plenty of moisture in the ground and we have got frequent rain, which basically have nearly met the crop water demand for potatoes weekly. In some places, however, there is a need for irrigation."

Bisht says Colorado potato beetles are still an issue in the southern part of Manitoba. He notes that some growers and crop consultants are reporting that in other areas, they are finding Colorado potato beetles even after a foliar application, which suggests there may be some resistance developing in other areas as well.

Conditions for late blight are moderate to high risk due to the frequent rains, however no spores have been detected. Bisht says the chance of getting late blight is remote. Late blight has been reported in British Columbia and Bisht notes there is a chance westerly winds could bring it to Manitoba later in the season.