Another year has come and gone for Prairie Fusion Arts and Entertainment. This past Monday, they had its Annual General Meeting to discuss the past year and what the next year has to hold.

Executive Director Stefanie Dunn says that even though the 2021-2022 year was a huge pandemic year, they adapted, and overcame all of the challenges with the ever-changing restrictions.

"We've really worked hard to uphold our mandate and really prioritize some new goals of being an inclusive centre of excellence for arts education."

She says she is extremely excited for the year with all the new things they are bringing to the centre.

"We look forward to continuing to see our community support us. They've been great to us, and I know that everyone will be excited about what we're bringing in," she continues, "So for our 2022-2023 season, in particular, we buckled down and focused on what sort of classes we were offering, what sort of syllabus the students would get in each of those classes, and then we also paired that with a comprehensive schedule."

One of the biggest changes this year is holding live performances, including Jess Moskaluke and Tyler Joe Miller, on November 15th.

"So, we're coming in pretty hot. We've got a couple of huge acts coming in. We want people to know that you don't necessarily have to travel to have a great and meaningful evening."