The Prairie Players have hit a big milestone this year.

Rosa Rawlings is the President and talks about how they got their start.

"It's our 50th anniversary. We started way back in the fall of 1969," says Rawlings. "When the group was formed, they did their first play Blind Spirit and a Christmas Carol at the Portage Collegiate gym."

They moved to and operated at Southport Theatre until 1999. Once the Glesby Centre opened, they made the leap there.

Rawlings notes theatre in the community is important.

"It's wonderful for all the talented people, for them to have something to do," says Rawlings. "It entertains the people here. A lot of people go to Winnipeg and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, but why go there when you can come to us and see our plays? It's a great cultural thing for the community, and it brings people together."

They have between 30 and 40 members in the club, but they're always looking for more. They host meetings every second Tuesday of the month From September to May at the Glesby Centre.

"We've had a great time doing theatre for Portage and area for a long time. There are lots of talented people in this area, and we have a lot of people, not just from Portage, but MacGregor and other surrounding communities," says Rawlings. "We've had a lot of fun doing these plays twice a year."

The Prairie Players are currently performing Mary Poppins. The final showing is on Saturday.