Crescent Lake is beautiful to look at and the Portage Regional Recreation Authority (PRRA) wants you to experience the water firsthand.

For years, people that own canoes and kayaks have been using the lake for their enjoyment. Now, even if you do not own one, you can still get that experience.

Recreation manager Zapphira Neuschwander says rentals cover your canoe or kayak, as well as paddles and life jackets.

"I went out a few times on the Crescent last year," explains Neuschwander. "It's super beginner friendly. The water is super accessible for those who maybe haven't gone canoeing or kayaking before, and the easy dock that the city has there on the Crescent is really great for launching."

While the Lake in previous years wasn't in the best condition, with some noticing off-putting colours and smells, the work that the City of Portage la Prairie has done on the lake has helped dramatically.

"I'm no water expert, but I had a great time last year," says Neuschwander. "Every time I went out it was a wonderful time."

She adds that the availability of the kayaks and canoes varies depending on the day, so she asks that you keep an out on their website for more information.