The Portage la Prairie RCMP detachment has released its quarterly report which shows some increases in some crimes but drastic reductions in others.

Inspector Paul Peddle is proud of the members in their detachment and notes they've taken 4,000 calls for service in our region in April, May and June.

"Those highlights of this period include making sure we partner with our community agencies and volunteer groups in the community," says Peddle. "I just want to put it out there that we're extremely grateful for the tremendous work that the organizations do -- PCRC, COPP, and Wawokiya community mobilization groups.  Without them, we wouldn't have the success that we do. We're a police agency. We get a lot of calls and we're spread pretty thin a lot of times, and with these groups, they just help us reach our goals and get to where we need to be."

He notes some targets they're shooting toward include focus on drug activity in the area and making sure they target people that are causing issues here with trafficking in drugs. 

"We're making sure that we gather intelligence, complete search warrants in the area, and help remove drugs and firearms from the streets of Portage la Prairie," continues Peddle. "For our first quarter, car thefts have gone up significantly in my reviews of the files. We've had 14 reports of car thefts or attempted car thefts in the first quarter, and that's compared to four for the same period last year. That's a significant increase. A lot of those times, we see that in certain instances, the keys are being left in the vehicles, and there are certainly things we can do to help prevent those thefts from happening. We always encourage the public to make sure that they park their vehicle in a well-lit place. Never leave the keys in the vehicle. Keep your doors locked."

He adds they're always reminding people that if you have home surveillance or video surveillance, it helps deter those things as well.

Peddle outlines the areas in which they're finding a decrease.

"We've had some decrease in persons crimes," adds Peddle. "A lot of our activity has gone down, and it's because of the great work that the members are doing in targeting these specific areas. And on that note as well, I also want to say that one of the things that has increased is the members' involvement in the community. With the restrictions that COVID presented over the last couple of years, it really hindered the members being able to get out and become involved with the different community groups or schools, and those sorts of things. Now that the restrictions are lifted, we're very glad to be able to get out face-to-face again."

He says they're happy to be able to meet with the community groups and just be a part of the great things that they're doing in our community.