Reeve for the RM of Portage la Prairie Kam Blight caught up with Portage Online following the renaming of Road 65 to Roquette Road in late October.

Blight explains that this renaming was an easy decision.

"Well, it's very exciting. We just did the unveiling of the new naming of Road 65, which is Roquette Rd, which, you know, Council was 100 per cent in favour of." says Blight. "It was a pretty easy decision. It's a very exciting time. So, Roquette is operational, and it just seemed fitting to name that road to Roquette Rd."

Blight notes that the RM is quite happy to have the company in the municipality.

"It looks great, and once again, they are wonderful corporate citizens of the RM of Portage la Prairie. And we're very appreciative to have them here. It's nice to see that road there," adds Blight. "It just makes it look really official."

The $600-million pea protein processing facility is the largest of its kind globally, and now this renaming of what was Road 65 further establishes the company's presence in the community.