With the condition of Saskatchewan Avenue improving nearly every day, the city staff are hoping to make sure the snow doesn't hinder those travelling on Portage's main road.

City manager Nathan Peto says the Saskatchewan Avenue rejuvenation project gives them a chance to hit the reset button, adding that city council has directed staff to think about ways to increase the service standard. One of the roadblocks, however, is that the job of plowing Saskatchewan Avenue doesn't fall on city workers.

"Saskatchewan Avenue is a provincial roadway," explains Peto. "The province clears the roadway, and when they do, they often push snow into areas that aren't their responsibility, which are the parking lanes and, hence, that's the city's responsibility."

Peto stresses the importance on working with the provincial staff that plow the roadways, so the traffic and parking lanes are cleared, not just for drivers, but also for business owners along Saskatchewan Avenue.

"You'll hear more information in our 2024 budget plan about how we plan to increase those standards," says Peto. "I think people can be really excited that you will see a more accessible downtown. I think that's to everybody's benefit and we're looking forward to working with all the partners involved."

Some of the things he says citizens can look forward to when it comes to snow clearing include additional specialized equipment and adding more staff.

If any roads are closed as a result of inclement weather, we'll report it on our Road Reports and Cancellations page.

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