The RM of Portage la Prairie took advantage of the province's invitation to apply for Disaster Financial Assistance. This year Manitoba was proactive in offering that invitation, seeing as there are many flood concerns that RM residents, as well as the municipality, have weighing on them.

Reeve Kam Blight outlines the council's decision.

"The RM of Portage la Prairie is very appreciative of the Province of Manitoba for bringing forward the Disaster Financial Assistance program," says Blight. "This has definitely been a very challenging time for a lot of municipalities, and, of course, ours as well. There are a lot of costs that have been incurred because of spring flooding, such as road washouts, culvert washouts -- just damaged roads from the traffic that's been on them."

He explains last week they passed a resolution applying for the municipality to be a part of the program that also includes the residents of the RM.

"For anything that is not insurable, residents can look to apply through the Disaster Financial Assistance program to the Province of Manitoba," continues Blight. "It's nice to know that you're not sitting here wondering if this program can be in place, you can just go about your daily business dealing with the situation, and not have to worry about where the funds are going to come from at some point."

Blight adds it's reassuring to a lot of the municipal officials as well.