Following the Junkyard Dogs Cycling Club's presentation of their new recreation site project at the old landfill dumpsite just south of Portage, RM of Portage la Prairie reeve Kam Blight weighs in on their plans.

Club president Blair Geisel made the presentation with two other club members in attendance.

"We were very pleased to receive an excellent presentation by members of the Junkyard Dogs," says Blight. "They put forward a great presentation on the future development plans that they're trying to do with, basically, a recreation site which includes hiking and biking, etc.

RM council

Blight explains it looks quite exciting.

"It was a wonderful presentation and council is going to take that back and have some discussions on it," continues Blight. "We're very pleased to see a group such as themselves take initiatives like this to just help provide more opportunity for everyone in the Portage region and beyond. So, kudos to them!"

The RM noted they just had first approval passed for the 2022 budget, making it an unfortunate timing for the presentation, however, they're definitely going to be discussing the prospects of what they can do in the meantime.

The plans include a bike path, walking and accessibility trails through some wildlife areas south of the old landfill hill.

Geisel noted the sliding portion of the hill will be preserved, and fencing will go up to keep four-wheelers from damaging the hill, adding there's already much damage that has to be resolved on top of the hill as well as the slopes. The first phase will include the area surrounding the tobogganing area. He adds many people in both the RM and City of Portage have been enjoying the location for years