The Rotary Club of Portage la Prairie has given out a pair of awards, one of which for the very first time.

Every year, at the club's executive changeover meeting, the Rotarian of the Year award is presented to someone who exemplifies the club's values. This year's recipient was Frank Perrin. 

Perrin, a Rotarian for the past ten years, says he feels honoured that, in a group filled with members committed to the betterment of Portage, he was voted by his peers to receive the award. He hopes to see more members join the club over the next year.

"We do lots of good things. Take a drive around the community, see everything that has the Rotary name on it," notes Perrin. "The events are fun. We do fundraise, but there's nothing that challenging about it. When we go and do these things, we have a good time together. It's a good group of people, and it's enjoyable."

After Perrin received his award, the club announced a new award titled the Friend of Rotary Award. Brenda Miller-Adams received this award after coming up with the idea for the Sister of the Holy Rock to perform in Portage, with funds going to the Rotary Club. The concert raised roughly $5,000 for the club.

Sherri and BrendaPalmer with Brenda Miller-Adams.

"It was an absolute surprise and pleasure to accept the award on behalf of my work alongside Rotary," says Miller-Adams. "They're well organized, providing many different things to our community."

She says this award shows that, even if people don't want to officially join the club, they could still pick and choose when they'd like to volunteer and still be a force for good in the community.