As we approach the municipal elections held in October, more and more candidates for City Council have stepped forward including Ryan Espey, who will be looking for re-election.

He says it was quite the internal debate between running for re-election and trying for the mayor's seat, but he decided that it would be too much of a time commitment and that it would take too much focus away from his family and business.

"While we are a part-time Council and we are a part-time Mayor, I think that our previous two mayors have done an excellent job of providing full-time representation for the city," explains Espey. "I don't feel I can do the same level of commitment that has been that we may be used to here in Portage."

He explains that he fully believes if Sharilyn Knox is elected as mayor that she would do a great job in the role, but doesn't want to discourage other people from running if they'd like to.

"I haven't seen very many people register for council," notes Espey. "If you have a love for the city of Portage la Prairie and you're committed to working for the next four years, educating yourself, and making decisions that are good for the community, then I hope to see a lot more names get registered in the next little while."

Espey mentions the support he's had from his family has been instrumental in his motivation to continue his work for the council.

"My life has changed dramatically from the time that I first ran in 2010," says Espey. "I have gotten massive amounts of support from my family and friends. I know that I would have received support even if I had decided to go for something a little more ambitious."

The municipal election is set for October 26th.