Blake Harris of Sanford is coming home from this year's Canada Summer Games in the regional municipality of Niagara with not only more experience as a triathlon athlete but more fire under his belly to continue to improve on his craft as well.

Harris finished 6 of 30 participants during his two triathlons at the games and says that these results weren't unexpected and right around where he thought he could finish heading into the experience.

He notes that his favourite part of the games was meeting athletes of his calibre during his off days.

Blake Harris

"It was a great experience being an athlete surrounded by other athletes," Harris continues. "Those days were pretty special. I talked a lot with some other athletes from all over Canada that I haven't really talked to, which I think is something that past generations of Canada Games athletes didn't find as special because they had already been racing, but because of COVID, we hadn't had the same level of travelling."

2004-born Harris says that preparing for the games saw him train 25 hours a week, which will now be increasing. As he moves forward, he will be learning at Athabasca Online University, allowing him to focus on his conditioning by heading down to Utah and Phoenix for warmer temperatures as well as higher altitudes.