As the Saskatchewan Avenue rejuvenation continues, Maple Leaf has switched traffic to the new pavement on the north side from 15th to 7th Street.

Following September 1, all intersections from 13th to 7th have opened on the north side. The 8th and 12th intersections, with the street lights, will now be open to the south as well.

Portage la Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce Guy Moffat, President, says that the intersection at the north side of 16th will be closed for a week or two until the paving is complete up to 20th. At that time, he says they will open the whole section from 20th to 7th.

File Photo.Portage la Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce Guy Moffat.

From there, Moffat explains that they will keep the south side closed from 20th to 7th for the rest of the season to complete as much work as possible.

The Chamber president tells PortageOnline that these drastic changes will relieve a lot of the pressure businesses have felt during the construction. 

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