It's two months into the program, and Portage Collegiate Career Development Coordinator Blair Hordeski is seeing wonderful progress with helping students make career choices in the actual workplace. He was at last night's (Thursday) School Board meeting, and brought trustees up to speed on some of the progress.

"An exciting partnership we have is with Portage General Hospital. We have some students who are going to be doing some shadowing of physicians in Portage General. We have some students that are going to be doing internships in ultrasound, in physio. It is just so exciting. And we are talking about students that are driven. We're talking about students that understand confidentiality. Students that have career goals."

Hordeski says he's seen the need to enhance the program.

"As the program has developed, I've realized that we need some steps toward that internship. And so, we've developed some consults, where a member of the community comes in and the student has an opportunity to interview that expert within the community. We have career explorations where a student may just go out and shadow for a day, which might eventually lead to an actual internship, which would consist of collecting more hours as well as some school-based work."

He adds the students' passion is driving the success of the effort.

"Response has been fantastic from the community, especially when the employers and the institutions realize that we're talking about students that are passionate about the career; that are driven and want to get the experience related to the career; not a student that is necessarily looking for work experience. We're talking about someone that is genuinely interested in a certain career profession."