Seeding in the United States has ramped up over the past couple of days.

Dan Basse is president of AgResource Company in Chicago.

"We are finally getting at the seeding here in the last couple of days," he said. "Farmers probably through Sunday will be done to about 42 to 45 per cent of their corn crop, meaning that half the crop will be planted after the optimal dates. Though on spring wheat planting we're probably closer to 35 or 37 per cent, really struggling to get seed in the ground in the Dakota's, in particular, in Minnesota. That's a big area to be watching. On soybeans, we think we're closer to 33 to 34 per cent. Moving along but still well behind. When you get crops that are late planted, we need just near perfect summer weather if we're going to reach trend line yields."

Basse notes there weren't many surprises in the May WASDE report released by the USDA on Thursday.