The South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League will operate with 10 teams this fall.

Representatives of the Portage Islanders, Winkler Royals, Morden Bombers, Altona Maroons, Notre Dame Hawks, Carman Beavers and reigning champion Warren Mercs voted on and accepted the applications of the Ste. Anne Aces, Red River Wild and Ile des Chenes Northstars.

The Aces, Wild and Northstars were members of the Carillon Senior Hockey League.

Ste. Anne had played in the CSHL since the league's inaugural season in 2003-04.

Red River was added to the league in 2010-11.

lle des Chenes was set to join in 2020-21 but the season was cancelled due to COVID-19.

The Carillon Senior Hockey League's 2021-22 season was also cancelled because of roster shortages and COVID-19.

The Aces have won five CSHL championships and the Wild, who play out of St. Jean, have won two league titles.

"It's going to bring some new interest into the league," noted SEMHL commissioner Tom Vatrt. "The teams that have joined are really excited about playing teams they never have and their fans are going to want to see teams that they've never seen. They've heard that the South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League is a very good competitive league and people are excited that their small communities are now part of it."

Commissioner Vatrt added that the Aces, Wild and Northstars will have to abide by the SEMHL's two import limit.

The 2022-23 season will consist of an 18-game schedule as each team will play a home-and-home with the other nine teams.

The playoff format will be determined at the league's fall meeting.

The SEMHL's 71st season is expected to begin in late October.