While many businesses and companies have struggled through COVID-19 restrictions during the pandemic, others have actually thrived as a result.

Accelerated Christian Education Canada is located in Southport and also provides a homeschooling curriculum.

A.C.E. Canada manager Alfred MacLaren explains.

"Since COVID-19 started, our business has dramatically increased because we are a curriculum company and we service home-schooling across Canada," says MacLaren. "Many, many families have turned to homeschool. And of course, with the uncertainty of this fall with the school's systems across Canada, many families are continuing to stay with home-schooling."

He notes this has dramatically increased their sales.

MacLaren outlines the reasons that parents are giving for their interest in the curriculum.

"Basically, parents are simply contacting us because they are not sure of what's happening and they need to have education for their children," adds MacLaren. "Accelerated Christian Education curriculum has been proven to have very high levels of academics. Our graduates go on to university. We are accepted at virtually all universities across Canada on par."

MacLaren notes the schools are inspected every year by the Department of Education and they receive onsite visits. He says their school receives a glowing letter of recommendation every rear. He notes the home-schooling uses the system that they use in their school setting in Southport.

MacLaren notes their in-class setting is quite diverse from the general public school method.

"The A.C.E. system meets the individual needs of the individual student and targets their areas where they need to be placed in the curriculum, as opposed to a classroom setting where they are put at the same level with every other student, and this is why they can excel in the curriculum."

He says their enrollment is up again this year for Lighthouse Christian School and they have a waiting list.

"At this point our school will open based upon the numbers," notes MacLaren. "Unless things change in regards to COVID-19, we will be able to operate."