There have been over 70 cases of the PED virus confirmed in Manitoba this year.

Manitoba Pork General Manager Andrew Dickson says the spread of the disease is slowing, noting they're still seeing the odd new case showing up in southeast Manitoba. This is mainly a result of animals being moved from an infected barn to a new premises.

He talked about the economic impact of the disease.

"Our numbers going through the processing plants seem to be holding their own," explained Dickson. "We may see a bit of a drop in the next couple of months but not very much. The real cost has been this whole business of cleaning up operations, loss of economic efficiencies that we built into the industry in terms of using staff and resources."

Dickson notes the good news is that there are between 30 and 40 barns which are coming off being infected.

He's is hopeful that the PED virus will be contained, although with the colder weather approaching, they will have to be even more vigilant.