The Portage Open Disc Golf Tournament took place yesterday at Island Park and saw all 40 competitors have a great time. First-time golfer in the Portage Open, Marshall Toews took home the crown. He says this was just his third time playing on the Portage course but he felt confident on it. He describes how the tournament went for him.

"Good. It was fun," says Toews. "Played well. It was pretty straight forward and I hit my lines. So, all went well."

He says the course wasn't as open as he is used to which is why hitting his lines was a big key.

Toews is from Steinbach and participates in all the disc golf tournaments across the province. He notes he came into the tournament knowing he could win and was happy to come away with that result. Despite only having two years of experience under his belt, Toews puts in a lot of work.

"I play at least four times a week, if not five," says Toews. "A couple of hours every time, so it's a fair bit."

Toews plans to be back next year to defend his Portage Open championship.