The Town of Stonewall is experiencing a housing boom. Mayor Lockie McLean says the growth is very evident in new residential construction, noting last year to date there were eleven new homes for an assessed value of approximately 1.9 million dollars while this year to date they have twenty-seven new homes for an assessed value of about 5.3 million. McLean says this is huge in terms of the impact it will have on helping the taxpayers of Stonewall. He notes as far as renovations go, in 2016 they had one permit year to date while this year there are thirty such permits. McLean adds it's great news for Stonewall and something other towns would probably love to see happen.

He says one key thing which may be driving the boom is the fact that Stonewall is a very safe town and just a beautiful place. McLean notes it also has a rich history dating back to the 1870's and boasts every amenity you can imagine. He adds as people move into town they tell other people about it and the word gets out. McLean says the pace at which they're growing right now is just awesome, especially in terms of making sure they keep Stonewall's high standard through the added taxes they're going to receive.