The 70th annual Lundar Fair ended on a high note this year, with great turnouts and interesting events that kept everyone entertained.   

President of the Lundar Ag Society, Tara Brandson, says the event went off without a hitch. The perfect weather kept up the positive atmosphere at the fair, all exhibitors and crowds were very pleased with the fair's events throughout the day. Brandson highlights her favourite parts of the day.   

“I enjoy seeing all the exhibitors come out with their livestock. The 4H show is always great to see when the kids can show off their projects.” Brandson continues, “The horse show contestants with all their hard work are good to see at the fair. It was also neat to see hitches in our horse arena this year for our chore competition.”   

4H had big achievements in this year’s fair. 40 kids participated in cattle projects and there were 20 steers sold from that. The grand champion steer belonged to Bexley McIntosh from Eriksdale. In addition to this, she also won the grand champion heifer at the fair. Brandson notes it is great to see these accomplishments in Lundar.   

Brandson mentions it is great to see everyone come out to the fair. She is glad to see new faces at the event every year, as well as locals who support this annual tradition in Lundar. She continues that the fair would not have been such a success if not for the volunteers' help and the community encouragement received.   

Lundar Fair 2024

“We had a very busy weekend which was nice to see. There were a record number of cattle in the barn this year and we hosted the Manitoba Shorthorn Summer Show. It was exciting to have it here as we also had exhibitors from as far as Ontario bringing cattle to showcase.”   

Brandson adds that there were over 45 entries into the parade, this was a great way to bring the community and surrounding areas together. The fair is expected to happen again next summer, and Lundar is already looking forward to it.