Driving away cancer can be a big task. so Central Plains Cancer Services are putting together a big fundraiser.

Executive director Sharilyn Knox says they're putting together a fundraiser titled, "Table for 600." She explains, the last time they did it, it was actually 800, but that was a few years ago.

"We had planned on doing it every second year from (2019)," notes Knox. "So last year would have been it, but we just had to wait one more year due to COVID."

She adds another title for the fundraiser is, "Field of Hope." Knox explains the reason for that name is because this year's event will be taking place at Diamond 9 in Republic Park. She says, since this event is so popular, they're not selling tickets the traditional way.

"This year, we've decided that we're going to do a lottery for tickets," mentions Knox. "It's a very popular event and we're trying to do it in the safest, fairest way possible."

She says registration for the lottery is going to start this upcoming Friday and run until the 15th. They'll then pull names from the lottery on the 25th, and those selected will get the opportunity to purchase a spot.

She notes, if you get the chance to purchase a table, you have to buy the full table and not just some of the seats. A table for the event seats eight people and costs $800.

"It takes a whole team to make this event happen and we've had dedicated the same dedicated volunteers since this event started five years ago," says Knox. "I just want to shout out to all of them for all their time and effort."

The event will take place on June 17th.