Teacher Mediated Option, or TMO, is an online High School program delivering live instruction in a virtual classroom setting. TMO provides high quality education in a format that is accessible to students across the province. Students are fully engaged in a live classroom where the teacher delivers direct instruction and students interact with each other.

TMO is an ideal solution for students unable to attend a local High School, or for those looking for courses their school may be unable to provide. Many students must leave their families and communities to attend a larger High School, but TMO allows students to remain in their community. TMO Principal Steven Williams says they are using Zoom so students can better engage in learning through impactful virtual experiences. He says the staff are also using Google classroom to manage, measure, and enrich the learning experience. According to Williams, TMO even caters to students who may live in a location where internet is not available. Students in those situations can phone in to listen and engage with the class.

Teacher-student relationships are key to success, whether in a school or online. TMO teachers connect with students during class and are available after class for extra support. Williams says, "One of the most important things our staff can do, is establish an environment for learning and to maintain a positive tone and build relationships with students." TMO encourages the teacher, parents, and proctor to work together to support students, and consistent communication is a high priority in this program.

The TMO program has grown significantly since Pine Creek School Division took over its leadership seven years ago. Tammy Kruse, TMO Operations Leader and Resource Teacher, says "TMO is offering 58 courses in total this year. TMO has expanded to offer all of the compulsory courses and a variety of electives including Agriculture 30S, Psychology 40S, Foods 10G, and Intro to Drafting 10G." She adds, "Students are now able to take all the courses required to receive a Manitoba diploma through TMO."

Kruse is excited to see the program expand to include home school families. With the closing of the Independent Study Office, many families are looking for alternatives, and TMO is a welcome solution. Kruse notes that many have reached out to express their appreciation for the TMO staff that go above and beyond to support students.

Second semester TMO classes will begin on February 9th. New registrations will be accepted until February 25th.

To register or find out more information, visit their website at http://tmopinecreeksd.weebly.com/