Football runs in the family for the Parkers. Siblings Kurt, Kye, and Kenna have all been a part of the Portage Collegiate Trojans' football team, and this year they all accomplished some big things.

Kye Parker won the Offensive Player of the Year award for PCI this season, Kurt Parker was named the Scout of the Year for the Winnipeg Rifles in the Canadian Junior Football League, and Kenna Parker was the only girl to play football for PCI this season.

Kye says his accomplishment this year earned him some bragging rights.

"It was pretty exciting because my brother got it the year before. I was trying to follow in his footsteps this year."

With Kurt winning the Offensive Player of the Year last year for PCI and both he and Kye playing running back, Kurt says things can get pretty competitive at home.

"Me and my brother were comparing our stats from this year and last year but I think he came out on top with the senior season stats."

Kye finished this season with 778 rushing yards, five touchdowns, and two receptions. Kurt, on the other hand, ended his final season as a Trojan with 616 rushing yards, five touchdowns, and three receptions. On the defensive side of the ball, Kye made 23 tackles compared to Kurt's 17.

Grade 10 student Kenna played in her first two games with PCI this season as a defensive back. She made two tackles and picked up one of only four interceptions the Trojans made all season.

"Since my brothers played (football), it inspired me to join," Kenna explains. "I like the whole idea of football. I like the game in general, and I think it's a fun sport to play."

Kenna hopes a few more girls sign up for the football team next year and notes she had to battle a few challenges this year with being the only woman on the roster.

"It wasn't too bad but there were a few things here and there that were a little bit iffy. For one, the school doesn't really have a great changing room for me, which is understandable because there's not really a place for it," Kenna continues. "There were a few times where it was kind of hard to feel welcomed on the field but I was friends with a few of the guys on the team already. So, it wasn't too bad but I just had to ignore some things."

Kye notes they all only started playing football in high school but adds they've always been an athletic family as he has played a few games in the MJHL with the Winnipeg Freeze and Kenna currently plays hockey with the AAA Central Plains Capitals.

"It's pretty hectic sometimes with sports every night," Kurt explains. "It's pretty exciting, too, watching everyone's games."

All the Parkers hope to return to the football field next season and continue to improve upon their craft.