While June 23 may be the last day of the school year for students, Kindergarteners within the Portage la Prairie School Division celebrated their first year in the school system on June 2 at Island Park.

The Kindergarten Picnic, which has been sidelined for the last four years due to COVID-19, usually happens at the start of June instead of the last day of the year as the division hopes to beat the heat. However, that was not the case this year, with the day reaching a high of 38 degrees with the humidex.

École Crescentview School Kindergarten Teacher Laura Hordeski says that while everyone was a little out of practice with the picnic, they were incredibly excited to give it a shot again.

"I'm sweating a little bit, making sure everything's going the way it should, but I am having fun."

Hordeski highlights that just over 200 kindergarten students from the division participated in games and entertainment at the picnic.

"I'm thrilled that the Portage School Division supports it and has given us a little bit of a budget for some supplies. I'm just thrilled that the kids are getting this chance. There's a lot of smiles."

Kaley Giffin was at the picnic in a parent role, helping out with her son's class.

File Photo.Kaley & Reece Giffin

"A lot of cool memories to finish off kindergarten," the mother continues. "Especially, since they haven't had it for a few years. So, it is nice to have it back."

Giffin adds that her son, Reece, had a blast at the event.

"He was looking forward to this for a while, and just the participation with all the kids is so nice."

From hula hooping to playing with the parachute and even seeing some magic tricks, it's safe to say all Kindergarten students enjoyed their time at Island Park last Friday.