Quinzy, Winnipeg MB


It's pop from another era, at least that's how they describe it. Quinzy is a very up and coming band from Winnipeg. They were invited to headline a major venue not once, but twice at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Their latest album, Self-Defense is nominated for Best Pop Recording at the 2010 Western Canadian Music Awards.


But behind all the buzz, it's 2-sets of brothers, who just happen to be 2-sets of cousins. Sandy Taronno (vocals, and guitar), David Pankratz (vocals, and drums), James Taronno (vocals, and keyboards), and Jason Pankratz (vocals, and bass) make up Quinzy. They've released a total of 3-albums, all better crafted than the next, and Sandy Taronno sat down with Gabrielle recently to talk about all of their success.


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