Tim Hortons Camp Day was another huge success here in Portage la Prairie. Locals helped raise $5162 to send kids from across the Central Plains to camp this summer. 

This was the first traditional Camp Day as the past couple of years were slowed down due to COVID. General manager Stephanie Arnott is very thankful for all of the support she got from our community.

"It's nice to see that some people care about the kids just as much as we do. We're just really excited to be able to send local kids to camp so that they can get the benefits of the Tim Hortons Camp.

Arnott also notes that a lot of work goes into preparing for the influx of customers on camp day.

"Yeah, it's all about energy and ensuring we have enough ice, coffee, and people on hand to help serve and get everybody what they need quickly."

She also notes that local children sometimes get to travel outside of Manitoba for these camps.

"We partner with the local child and family services, and through that process, we are able to pick kids that would benefit from our programs. So the Manitoba Tim Hortons Foundation Camp is actually for teenagers. So, anybody that we send, which is usually not a teenager, they actually get to go out west or out east to one of the other locations."

You can still contribute to Tim Hortons Camp Day by buying the various merchandise they have in-store or by making donations at the store.