The Mayor of Carberry has announced he will be seeking a third term.

Stuart Olmstead served two terms as a councillor before becoming the Mayor back in 2014 before being re-elected in 2018. He says there is a lot he wants to accomplish.

"We've had an interesting past couple of years and that has changed some of what we want to do in town or what we've been able to do in town," says Mayor Olmstead. "Having COVID come through and basically change the agenda for the town, the province, and the nation, that has certainly put some things on the side burner that we'd like to push to the front."

He says the big focus for the next term will be infrastructure and growing the town itself.

"We're just starting another subdivision in the West End of the town of Carberry that's going to add 25 lots to the town," says Mayor Olmstead. "As well, our recreation infrastructure, we're going to be expanding that over the next 10 to 20 years. Those are things that we want to make sure that we do now for future generations."

Mayor Olmstead wants to see Main Street paved and the plan is to pave the last few blocks next year. He adds, to quote Liam Neeson in the "Taken" movie franchise, he has "a particular set of skills", when it comes to the job. He says he enjoys what he does, and feels he can ensure all voices at the council table are heard. Council may not always agree, but he believes they are able to compromise. He wants to keep things positive and moving forward and he hopes voters will bring him back for another term.