Work is officially underway to relocate the dance studio at Prairie Fusion Arts and Entertainment.

The organization operates out of the William Glesby Centre in Portage la Prairie and experienced significant damage to its dance floor and pottery studio when a water main broke this past winter. Stefanie McKim, executive director of Prairie Fusion, says they are using this opportunity to relocate the studio to the main level of the facility while visual arts classroom space will take the place of the former basement studio.

"We think this is going to be a positive move as we continue to build and grow our professional training program in dance and theatre," says McKim.

She adds that they are currently working with the City on the insurance claim surrounding the professional grade, spring loaded dance floor and outlines why its so costly.

"We are an old building. We used to house the bowling alley, these are hard floors. So we really, really want to protect our dancers and we want them to get used to training on that quality of floor because that's the floor that professional dance studios use and you know, we just want it to match the level of instruction that we're bringing," says McKim. "Any time you have any type of dance going on, it is hard on the joints because the (dancers are) jumping and essentially you could be jumping in bare feet. You could be doing spins, doing leaps, doing different sorts of technical moves and we really, really need to support the joints."

Additionally, because of the extent of the damage and how much time it will take to repair, Prairie Fusion has had to cancel all summer classes this year.